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Mercy Choir is the songwriting and recording project of New Haven, CT based musician Paul Belbusti. Since 2004, Belbusti has produced a large quantity of critically acclaimed music ranging from abstract experiments to more traditional pop and rock and roll, released both digitally and physically on his own imprint (Dead Language Records) and collaboratively. Mercy Choir, as a recording project, is generally Belbusti alone (with a few exceptions), recording in his home studio with a mixture of analog and digital instruments and techniques. As a live band, Mercy Choir is a shifting and evolving entity. Many musicians and friends pass through. Join and rejoin. Contributing arrangements and breathing new life into songs that may have started as crude, lofi, sketches. The Mercy Choir discography is joyously uneven and unpredictable.


The Mercy Choir (2005)
Mercy Choir - They Want To Love You (2007)
Mercy Choir - Goodbye Letters (2008)
Mercy Choir - Passagreen (2008)
Mercy Choir - Waiting E.P. (2009)
Mercy Choir - Sings (2010)
Mercy Choir - The Very Great and Horrible Harshness (2012)
Mercy Choir - Pungs Finch (2012)
Mercy Choir - Harshness Demos (2012)
Mercy Choir - WAABAAYO (2013)
Mercy Choir - Apostrophe Music (2013)
Mercy Choir - His Noiseless Ball, His Boxwood Rattle (2013)
Mercy Choir - PPIANO (2014)
Mercy Choir - Sweetly E.P (2014)
Mercy Choir - GGUITAR (2014)
Mercy Choir - Two Machines In The Garden (2015)
Mercy Choir - Sings In the Traditional Rock and Roll Style (2015)
Mercy Choir - Peggy Sue / Scarecrow (2016)
Mercy Choir - I Saw Mark Mulcahy On The Street In Front Of College Street Music Hall (single, 2016)
Mercy Choir -Like a Fountain Stirred (2017)
Mercy Choir - Fair Games (2017)
Mercy Choir - More Than Ever (2018)

Paul Belbusti - Temporalities 1-5 (2018)


Mercy Choir w/Speak Onion - Symposia (2009)
Mercy Choir w/Speak Onion - Victoria (2011)
Xrin Arms / Mercy Choir - New Animal (split E.P) (2013)
Lys Guillorn and the Mercy Choir - Trouble (2013)
Mercy Choir / Kevin MF King - ... / Jackpot (split E.P.) (2015)