Please Write a Song

Song prompts have always been useful for me when I am stuck (which happens often). I hope these prompts are useful for you. These prompts are likely most useful for songwriters who write the traditional, 20th century, Western, popular concept of a song: with lyrics and sections like verses and choruses. However, with a little creativity, hopefully these prompts will also be of use for those who do not make music in that style. Please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors.

It’s important to note these prompts are merely suggestions. They can and should be molded and ignored to your liking, especially as the song develops. Keep in mind, some of these prompts may seem ridiculous, absurd, or even impossible. The idea is to write a song. Once it’s done, you are free to shape it into something useful. It’s easy to improve a song that already exists.

You can download the document here:

Please share it with every songwriter you know.


Hello All. Welcome to my new website. That's what this is. There was a time, several years ago, when "" was a brand new website and a brand new thing and I was an early adopter and defender of it as a blogging platform. I insisted it was an ideal, smooth, and easy way to post just about anything, and decided it would be a good site to use as my main website. Where I'd do longform blogging, share my poems, art, and music, and news about my goings on. I no longer find it useful for those things. Whatever tumblr is now, it's not what I'd hoped it would or could be (for me). There's simply too much noise, too much scrolling quickly past things that might be important in favor of memes, outrageous political arguments, or "discussion" about television shows I've never heard of, or moving pictures of animals. I often get the sense that the hundreds or so people who "follow" me are not actually paying attention to what I'm saying or doing. Which is fine. That's OK. I like junkfood internet too I intend to keep my tumblr and use it for those sort of things.

However, I'll no longer be using it for my main website and this is the place you'll find up to date news about my various projects. I hope you'll check in once in a while. I also plan to begin selling some of my artwork in the merch section of my bandcamp page.

Here is the end of the year. Like you, I am busy wrapping things up, literally and figuratively. This was a really nice year of making music. I made three records. Two of them are very difficult (PPIANO & GGUITAR) and the other is a short pop EP I made in my shed.

The current lineup of Mercy Choir sounds ferocious and they are wonderful friends. We recorded an album of some older songs of mine and that will come out next year. Here's a picture of us:

My friend Michael Kiefer (MYTY KONKEROR / Twin Lakes Records) and I started a noise/improv duo called Rivener. We have shows lined up in CT, MA, and NYC in 2015, so maybe we'll see you. Here's a picture of us:

Thanks everyone for listening and for buying the records and coming to the shows and buying some of my paintings. I hope this finds you well. I remain here, alive and happy, signing this your way.